2020 Vision of Pineview Baptist Church
The Vision of the Church As We Progress Towards the Year 2020

I want us to be that people. I want us to be THEM!!!!
Bro. Mark Lovett

II Chronicles 16:9a   For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.

The Vision
  1. Involvement: Vision to have small group ministries with everyone involved.
  2. Missions: Vision to enhance Locally, Regionally and Globally.
  3. Prayer: Vision to make this the greatest ministry of our church.
  4. Equipped Leaders: Vision to grow a core group of leaders equipped and enthusiastically taking leadership responsibilities in our church.
  5. Finances: Vision to achieve financial freedom to devote funds to the needs of the ministry.
  6. Worship: Vision to provide worship services that promote Jesus Christ and tap into our resources and talents to enhance that.
  7. Schedules: Vision to provide appealing and family oriented schedules of our church functions.
  8. Communication: Vision to have up to date readily available stats about our church, our activities, events and schedules to every member and to the community.
  9. Facilities: Vision to enhance our facilities to provide a safe, friendly and spiritual experience for our families and guest.
  10. In Church Ministries: Vision to enhance our current ministries and introduce new ministries so Jesus Christ is exalted and the community begins to seek out this ministry.
  11. Spiritual Revival: Vision to engage the entire church family to examine their own heart, repent of any known sin, seek to restore any broken relationships and walk in personal and cooperate revival.
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