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Lisa Lovett is the director of the preschool. She can be reached at 205-926-9280 or via email.

Our Vision

Pineview Preschool is a teaching ministry of Pineview Baptist Church Brent Alabama. We are committed to provide quality Christian education in a loving atmosphere and give every child the fundamental and educational building blocks upon which she/he can build a successful future. It is our desire to partner with you in training the children socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually in the knowledge of God’s Word. A child must feel secure in his classroom environment in order to reach a level of development. Therefore, it is our goal at Pineview Preschool to establish a safe, secure and fun environment that fosters an enthusiasm for learning.

Just in case you needed to smile, here is a picture of a baby koala.

Baby Koala
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